Men’s and Women’s Diabetic Socks

Men's and Women's Diabetic Socks

Men’s and Women’s Diabetic Socks

Wearing the right kind of men’s and women’s diabetic socks are critical to foot health. Where to begin the search? You have already made the first step by searching for diabetic socks on the internet. Here you will learn that buying in bulk is one of the keys to diabetic foot health. Doctors stress that changing your socks often—twice daily, or more—keeps you one step ahead of ulcers, sores, and blisters. Having a dozen pairs of fresh, clean men’s and women’s diabetic socks means you will never have to forego a daily sock change.

Keep a pair in the glove box, a desk drawer at work, in the gym locker. A sweaty foot is an opening for bacteria to invade. Our men’s and women’s diabetic socks are physician approved for not only diabetes, but circulatory problems, edema, and neuropathy as well. The toe design of our diabetic socks eliminates pressure points at the most critical part of the foot. This where an unnoticed—and untreated—injury can result in amputation. 

Equally important are the soles of the foot, and diabetic socks are triple padded for both comfort and protection. Our blend of cotton, polyester, and Spandex wick moisture away to keep the foot cool, dry, and comfortable all day. The wide top with extra stretch makes these diabetic socks easy to slip on, and the non-binding construction assures they will stay up without the uncomfortable and constricting pressure points of regular socks. Machine wash and dry for easy care. Buying these long-lasting diabetic socks at wholesale prices means both value and savings.

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My husband loves your comfortable diabetic socks.

M.B. Peoria, IL

I wear your diabetic socks in bed to keep my feet warm and dry.

J.K. Philadelphia, PA

“Best value I have found online!”

H.L. Augusta, ME.