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Bulk Ankle Socks Wholesale

When you think about buying bulk socks – if you think about it at all – it is during the morning rush to get dressed, grab a cuppa joe, and dash out the door. That’s when you reach in the sock drawer for a clean pair, and your hand closes around empty air. Wait, what? Surely you haven’t run out of clean socks already; you just did a load of laundry. . . No, that was last week. More about laundry, later. Maybe it’s time to buy a couple dozen pairs of ankle socks wholesale. Good thing you bookmarked that new site, Because that’s all you wear these days.

Filling Your Shopping Cart

Is quick and easy when you shop our categories. We carry both socks for men and women, and socks for kids. We offer crew socks, dress socks in over the calf length, and both cotton and polyester tube socks to wear with casual shoes. If you have feet, we have styles that you’ll love at discount prices. It’s easy to add items to cart when you compare the price in retail stores to our bulk discount prices.

Socks for Everyone’s Feet

Our Low-cut ankle socks wholesale slip-ons go with sneaks, Crocs, even penny loafers, when you have to be just a bit dressy. Climate Change means it’s mostly shorts and T-shirts weather, 24-7. Hot and sunny, even the occasional rain shower is warm. One drawback of hot weather is sweaty feet, and frequently changing those ankle socks wholesale will keep you dry and smelling fresh. Stash a pair in the glove box, another in the desk drawer at work, and a couple in the locker at the gym. It means you never have to worry about smelly shoes.

Save With the Lower Unit Price Case

Every sku offers a wide selection of patterns and styles for men and women. Compared to retail stores the range of our deep discount sales prices cannot be matched. Wholesale socks are the number one item on our site. Customers have more options to add to cart an order for bulk socks at a low low price price point. When a customer orders bulk quantities of wholesale socks in any style the shipping is free when the shopping cart total is $75.

How Are Wholesale Socks Made?

Our ankle socks wholesale are knitted on modern, full-fashion machines, with seamless toes (no blisters!) and a shaped heel to conform to your foot. The cuff has just enough Spandex to keep the ankle snug during the most strenuous activities. They come in three sizes to assure a perfect fit for the smallest woman’s foot to the biggest man’s. When your ankle sock order arrives to your door the first thing you notice upon opening the package is the quality and softness of the cotton/polyester/spandex yarns used to construct the ankle sock.

Tips on how to wash your socks

These are durable goods, crafted to be long-lasting, after many trips through the washer. Speaking of washing, here’s a few tips to keep your socks and feet smelling sweet during the dog days of summer. Always turn your ankle socks inside out before tossing them in the washing machine. Sweat is salty, and the dried residue can make for a hard, crusty sock.

Same as with any clothing product, separate the pieces by color; whites-with-whites, and wash your colors separately. Use a mild detergent, and save money by washing your socks in cold water on a gentle cycle setting. In addition to your favorite detergent products, small quantities of baking soda help break down any soil that could cause hardening in the socks. Tumble dry on low heat for the softest socks, and be sure to check the filter for lint! Other options are to spread your socks on a bath towel to air dry. Sunlight, they say, is the best disinfectant, so go old school, and hang them outdoors on a line with your other clothing. They’ll look like a flock of white birds on a wire.

Features And Benefits

Every style of sock is breathable & comfortable. Every design is available in sizes for men and women (unisex). The crew socks are designed for everyday use. Every style of our socks are machine washable. The polyester socks are moisture wicking, so feet stay dry. Be sure to check our categories of stock items for new arrivals, the details and options!

Wholesale socks are the number one item in the main menu of the site. We also have a wide range of clothing in stock at wholesale prices sure to fill the needs of every customer. We use our business email address to send our newsletter when we have new deals on our already wide range of styles available in bulk lots. You can keep your business account active on our mailing list simply by checking the box (during checkout) for receiving the newsletter via email.

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ankle socks wholesale

Driven by values

Socks are the #1 most requested item in Homeless Shelters! Wearing the right socks can go a long way towards foot health but those struggling with homelessness don’t have that option. However, together we can help! For every order placed on Ankle we donate socks to the homeless.


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