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how will you use your socks?

When heading off-road, either on foot, or riding two wheels or four, the well-dressed explorer wears the proper hiking socks. That means darn tough micro crew socks to wick moisture away from the foot. A dry foot keeps blisters at bay.

Switchback Travel

Switchback travel up and down the mountain trails demands darn tough hiking socks for protection from twisted ankles and painful blisters. Some say smartwool socks ,mainly merino wool socks, are an environmentally-friendly farm to feet product. It’s true wool hiking socks are warm in winter, but they don’t wick moisture away the way our coolmax micro crew sock keeps feet dry. The cushioning materials in our liner socks have ventilation zones to keep feet dry when hiking the toughest trails.

No Show Socks

In the summer no show socks are the perfect companion to low-cut sneakers, when hiking the distant hills, or the canyons of the city. Sometimes called toe socks, they’re great little items to tuck in your day pack as a liner sock when you feel a blister coming on.

A Darn Tough Ankle Sock

A bit showier than no-show socks, our ankle hiking socks cover the foot from toe to heel, and protect the feet from blisters. Knit from the finest blend of cotton/nylon/elastic, these socks are breathable and moisture wicking for all-day wear. Wear a pair of hiking socks to keep your feet dry and free of blisters over the hardest ground. Also called the hiker micro crew, or the icebreaker hike light crew, these darn tough socks are the footwear when you hit the trails in summer.

Everyday Crew Socks

When the terrain is rocky and steep, then heavier footwear is called for. Hiking the Back of Beyond is no place for a twisted angle or bleeding blisters. You need sturdy hiking boots, with thick soles, and leather uppers laced tight, to protect the calf. 

The Best Budget Hiking Sock

Hiking shoes call for a pair of the best overall hiking socks. Our crew hiking socks, of course, offer comfortable support for a day of strenuous outdoors activity. The fabric provides odor control, and foot comfort with its special hiker micro crew cushion sole. Our crew hiking socks come in sizes for men and women, and can be ordered in bulk for big, big savings from

Are Hiking Socks necessary?

Just ask the U S Army. The answer is yes. Strong, long-wearing, and foot-cushioning socks protect soldiers and civilians alike from blisters. The best sock heights are above the calf. An extra pair of polyester blend compression socks are the one item to pick when planning a two day trek.

Dress Socks

Work for some means tough shoes, and darn tough socks to match. Conversely, for others work requires a coat and tie and dress shoes. Whatever footwear the job calls for, our dress socks do the job with style. Fashioned from fine-spun High Performance polyester yarns, the darn tough sock comes with a lifetime guarantee. they stretch to conform and support the foot, and hug the calf. These socks won’t fall down on the job! Hiking the streets in search of a sale, or patrolling the halls of Congress in search of a politician, our dress hiking socks won’t let you down.

Diabetic Socks

No sock drawer is considered complete without a few pairs of diabetic socks. Diabetic socks are designed for treatment of neuropathy, a condition that may result from diabetes, but there are other causes for the loss of sensation in the toes. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as they are worn by many non-diabetics. So-called diabetic socks are seamless, have a padded sole, and loose-knit tops so as not to constrict circulation. Therefore, they can be worn as hiking socks for tender feet, and bed socks to keep your tootsies warm on cold winter’s nights.

The Best Hiking Socks

Our darn tough socks, knit from the finest fabric and materials, compares with brands like Liz Thomas, and REI co op, and at a price that is below list. With orders of $75 shipping is free.